Maximizing Productivity in a Low Canopy Environment



The GOOD BUDS mission is to deliver you the stickiest nugs available in the legal Canadian market. GOOD BUDS is an FVOPA certified-organic farm, meaning they never use pesticides, and grow exclusively in living organic soils…read more below!



Based in Salt Springs Island, BC, Good Buds prides itself on providing FVOPA certified organic cannabis to Canadian consumers. Quality is the central focus of this craft cannabis producer who carefully considers each aspect of their operation, from the living soil that the roots thrive into the LED lights that help bring the genetics to the forefront. The company is known for its winning strains and offerings which are produced and processed in micro-batches.

Founded by brothers Tyler and Alex Rumi, Good Buds has been growing and processing cannabis since 2017. Today, the company’s products include cannabis flowers, prerolls, and extracts. In the past four years, the company has evolved its operation to improve consistency, productivity, and quality. This included careful attention to genetics to develop winning strains and addressing the challenges with their indoor lighting.

With only 9.5 feet of height, Good Buds wanted a lighting fixture that would offer uniform, efficient canopy lighting for their indoor growing operation. “We lacked efficiency and uniformity in our lighting coverage over our canopy when we were using 1000W HPS, “ said Tyler Rumi. “We were also needing way too much cooling for the number of lights we were running.”

The brothers knew that they needed a fixture that would deliver in this limited space without the high energy outputs they were currently experiencing. This included investing in lights that emitted less heat load to obtain better light coverage in the low-ceilinged environment. Their solution was to convert their operation to Aelius LEDs.

They began the process by converting three of their fourteen grow rooms to Aelius Matrix 630s. These lights responded to the current challenges that they were experiencing, including providing a productive spectrum with uniform output over a short height. This allowed them to maximize the light canopy in the shorter rooms without the fear of overheating. Since they made the switch, the brothers have noted a denser, more consistent canopy, better bud density, better terpene profile, and amazing trichome production. Although, still in its early phases, Tyler reported that he is excited by the changes that they’ve seen in those rooms.

In fact, Good Buds plans to shift their entire facility to Aelius LEDs to improve their yield and quality, so that they can provide a better product to the end customer while also using less energy.