Prairie Grass is an agriculturally founded company that brings the integrity of farm life to cannabis cultivation. Their mission is to enrich the lives of people through Naturally Produced Wellness™




Female Founders Make their Mark with Wellness Focused Cannabis Line

Rebecca Thomson and Olivia Penner, founders of Prairie Grass, hold a combined knowledge of health care and agriculture that have resulted in an innovative company focused on wellness. Their agricultural backgrounds provided them with a strong foundation which helped them develop processes that helped bring out the best traits of the plants. But it was their passion for client care and experience in the health fields ( pharmacy for Rebecca, nursing for Olivia) that inspired their entry into cannabis cultivation.
Prairie Grass obtained its producer license on February 14th, 2020. Their operation includes growing cannabis indoors and cultivating cannabinoid-rich hemp through the IHR license directly on the family farm. The initial year was invested in developing a quality line of dried cannabis.
Today, they want to extend this journey by expanding their line to include cannabis extracts and topicals. “We feel fortunate to be working together to create quality cannabis products that will make a difference in people’s lives.”

Adapting their Knowledge to Indoor Growing

One of the benefits of indoor growing is that it provides the ability to adapt the environment to suit the crop’s specific needs. The original lighting system posed a few challenges which could potentially compromise the development of the plants. This included the inability to customize the light intensity and the emission of heat, which taxed the HVAC system during the summer. Rebecca and Olivia quickly identified the significant role that lighting plays in healthy crop development, prompting them to upgrade their system to LEDs.

Making the Move to LEDs

When Prairie Grass expanded its cannabis operation to a two-tier cultivation model, they knew that it was time to take the leap. To help determine which system to trial, Rebecca and Olivia reached out to their colleagues and trusted business contacts for their feedback.
“We believe in doing business with companies that we can trust, and Aelius came highly recommended by a trusted business contact of ours,” they shared. “It has been a pleasure working with the Aelius team; they are friendly and have continuously shown excellent customer service and stood behind their products.”
Prairie Grass converted their lighting system to Matrix 630s as the model was able to integrate into their existing electrical system easily. Since the conversion, Rebecca and Olivia reported a significant increase in plant health and yield, including a substantial increase in cannabinoid content and bud quality, as well as tighter environmental control in the grow room. “One particular cultivar has increased in THC by over 2%,” they reported. “ We have been able to maintain our ideal environmental conditions and have been able to specifically tailor our lighting to individual cultivar needs and growth stages. “
Consumer feedback has played a vital role in the entire experience. These valued insights are used to help hone in on the cultivation practices and provide consumers with quality products. Prairie Grass’s patient-centric approach helps ensure that they cultivate and formulate products to respond to their customers’ needs. This includes focusing on a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in each dose of cannabis and educating consumers about the value of these full-spectrum products.
Although, jumping into a regulated environment may have its learning curves. Prairie Grass is looking forward to making some waves in the next year with the release of their cannabis 2.0 products.
As a final note, Rebecca and Olivia stressed the importance of supporting local businesses, particularly during this time. “We are family fun and are in this for the long haul,” they stated. “When you support your community everyone benefits, and we will continue to seek out good and honest companies to partner within the cannabis industry moving forward.”
Want to learn more about these agricultural entrepreneurs and wellness advocates, tune into our live show on Tuesday, June 29th at 3:00 pm EST where CEO Ryan Kirwan will chat with the co-founders of Prairie Grass Inc. in our new commercial live series.


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