While we are sure the Irish have their traditions and are not interested in adapting to how this holiday has evolved over the years, all this green has us wondering…are Irish-Canadians heading towards a different type of green?

According to an article in Forbes, there are many creative ways to celebrate this holiday with a green beer, green attire, and now, your favourite green strains! We have listed some below but be sure to check out the article for the full list if you are interested!

1.) Albino Leprechaun is an Indica strain. It is a cross between the White and Lucky Charms. It promotes euphoria and creativity. It is an appetite stimulant as well, so bring on the corned beef hash, rasher sandwiches, and blood pudding.

2.) Emerald Jack is a Sativa that has a 20-24% THC level. It is a cross between Emerald O.G. and (actual O.G.) Jack Herer. Its effects build up slowly. It boosts energy and creativity, so you can behave like a Jack the Lad all day. It’s also known to help alleviate migraines, so it will come in handy to help the morning after St. Patrick’s Day hangover.

3.) Irish Cream is 100% Indica, with 16% THC. It was created by an infamous gang of breeders based in Ireland – Mighty Irish Seeds

4.) Mighty Irish Hope is mostly Indica, with a 15%-THC-level. While it sounds like an awesome name for a boxer or a racehorse, it is actually a cross between Mighty Mite Indica and Hollands Hope. It is a mild strain that is easy to keep you functional around the in-laws.

5.) Pot o’ Gold is an Indica-dominant, 27%-THC-level hybrid strain that hails from Holland. The Pot o’ Gold strain is known to bring on the munchies, big time, so make sure to have plenty of frosted green Guinness cupcakes and soda bread on hand.

Only time will tell if the holiday will evolve to include cannabis culture, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these strains.

Until Then, An Irish Blessing!

May Your Troubles Be Less…

Your Blessings Be More…

& Nothing But Happiness

Come Through Your Door!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day Aelius Fam!