Aelius LED Reconnects with Prairie Grass Founders to Discuss their New Wellness Line

When it comes to cannabis and wellness, Rebecca Thomson and Olivia Penner, founders of Prairie Grass, are two of the biggest advocates. In fact, it was their passion for wellness and holistic healing that brought them to cannabis in the first place.

“Our experience in the healthcare field has shown us that cannabis has an opportunity in the whole plant medicine to help patients in ways where traditional medicine falls short,” stated Rebecca Thomson. However, despite the physiological and pharmaceutical benefits, the connection between cannabis and wellness has faced some resistance from traditional medicine.

“Physicians are looking for evidence-based research and control trials for cannabis, which are currently quite limited,” said Olivia Penner. Today, most of the information about the benefits of cannabis is anecdotal. This is one of the reasons why Penner and Thomson are planning to add research to their roles, as this would provide both physicians and patients with data-driven information instead of anecdotal experiences.

Aelius LED spoke with Thomson and Penner on June 29th, where they discussed their journey in the cannabis industry, and how wellness continues to be their primary driver for innovation and research. At the time, they had their dried cannabis on the market and were in the final stages of their 2.0 line of cannabis products.

Their goal was to put forward products, with standard doses, that physicians would feel comfortable prescribing. This includes developing products for an underserved market, particularly females and the elderly, who would benefit from the wellness attributes of cannabis but may be wary about the psychotropic properties.

It is this holistic approach to the plant that has resulted in the development of an innovative line of products that provide clients with a non-drowsy alternative that can be used throughout the day.

This fall, they’ve done precisely that with the launch of suppository products and CBD bud drops.

Their suppository products, which are available in both full-spectrum THC and full-spectrum CBD, were developed to provide a solution for some of the female-specific health conditions including menstrual pain, inflammatory bowel syndrome, endometriosis, and dyspareunia. The benefit of using this delivery method is that it increases the bioavailability of the product while avoiding the gastrointestinal system reducing the psychoactive effects which would typically occur in a full spectrum THC product.

The CBD bud drops were crafted with certified MCT oil and high-quality hemp resulting in a non -drowsy and non-intoxicating cannabinoid. The cannabinoid hemp is grown directly on their family farm and then cultivated in their facility.

Their goal for the future is to continue providing both the education and wellness products that will recognize the benefits derived from cannabis. This includes equipping the budtenders with the pharmaceutical and physiological properties of the products that they can properly service their customers.

On November 10th, 2021, Aelius LED will be reconnecting with Prairie Grass founders to discuss their new wellness line and their future plans for research and education.