Over the years, Aelius LED has had the opportunity to connect with several advocates and influencers in the cannabis space. To wrap up our wellness series, Aelius LED will be speaking with medical cannabis advocate and influencer John Berfelo.

In June 2005, a major accident left Berfelo with extensive injuries, including a broken neck, teeth, skull, hip, left elbow, several bone fractures, and herniated discs. Although the bones would heal, the severity of the injuries left Berfelo with nerve damage and chronic pain. He was prescribed pharmaceuticals for pain management, depression, and insomnia. At one point and time, he was taking 32 pills a day to manage his symptoms.

Berfelo described this period of his life as a nightmare; recreational cannabis was the only thing that provided a temporary escape. Frustrated by the traditional medical model’s remedies, Berfelo sought out an alternate path, including investigating whether cannabis could become a part of a wellness strategy. He discovered that the medical brownies, which were made by cannabis tested by Paul Hornby, were more effective in managing his pain than the prescription alternatives.

However, what makes Berfelo unique (and why we invited him to our show), is that he doesn’t just take a prescription of marijuana. Instead, he is continually seeking to understand what it was about cannabis that lends itself to this path of healing so that he could share his findings with others.

This includes developing the strain, Medi Kush, which he grew to respond to the various ailments that he experiences, including muscle spasms, anxiety, and severe chronic pain. Today, he is one of the top cannabis influencers in Canada, with over 200,000 followers across all social media channels. He is both an educator and advocate, inviting his followers to join him in his research process as he discovers the best techniques to grow and harvest these strains.

Today, he is an advocate for the wellness aspect of cannabis, and is actively encouraging others to grow their own. This includes showcasing a variety of growing methods, including his experience with LED lights. His goal is to get down to the nitty-gritty to understand how LEDs impact the growth of cannabis plants. “It is about understanding what we see together, including testing and understanding the impact of different life spectrums on the plant,” said Berfelo.

An educator and advocate first, Berfelo plans to share his knowledge in various formats, including his YouTube channel and his upcoming book: Understanding LEDs: The growing Future. “Different spectrums, different wattage, and different species will all have their own growth patterns,” shared Berfelo. Recently, he has focused his YouTube episodes on highlighting the growth pattern of cannabis under three different light recipes, specifically the Aelius REDD Matrx REDD, Matrx 630 and Matrx 420.

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