COMPANY NAME: Golden Peak Cannabis


To leverage the passion of our team to grow the highest quality cannabis in the marketplace using organic and socially responsible methods.

LEADERSHIP: Tom Devost, CEO & President


Family-owned and operated, Golden Peak Cannabis is well on its way to becoming a leader in the craft cannabis space. The Moncton, New Brunswick company became a licensed producer in July 2020 and quickly became known for its premium dried flowers.

Establishing a Strong Foundation

The founders are avid believers in doing things right the first time. Including sourcing quality genetic material, investing in an organically certified facility, and designing a state-of-the-art infrastructure ensuring that their organic cannabis will thrive.

Year-round Indoor Cultivation

When determining the layout and design for their facility, Golden Peak Cannabis-focused on components that would lend to a year-round indoor operation in Canada. This included choosing the leading HVAC products, irrigation systems, and Aelius LED lighting, all of which seamlessly work together to bring out the full potential in each plant.

Why Aelius?

Aelius LED’s customer service, incentives, and sales approach made the decision of which LED company to partner with an easy one. “We were facing the challenge of having invested a sizeable amount of capital without knowing when it would be generating any revenue,” said Tom Devost, President, and CEO. “Aelius LED offered financing for a portion of the lighting purchase which really helped during those early days.” Golden Peak Cannabis Inc. selected the pilot full-spectrum lighting option, the Aelius 300 LED which are highly recommended for those operators who want to use the same light for the full growth cycle.

Yielding A Great Future

Today, Golden Peak has just wrapped up their third growth cycle of the signature strain, Tiger Bomb- all of which were grown under Aelius LEDs. When asked about the overall experience with the lighting, Devost shared that there has been a consistent increase in yields and THC levels.

As they approach their one-year anniversary, Golden Peak has just launched their phase 2 development, expanding the growing facility to their 200 square meter limit while still ensuring that they are centered on quality. Follow their journey with us!