COMPANY NAME: Habitat Life Sciences


Powered by cutting-edge technology and techniques, Habitat is revolutionizing agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics that is kind to the land, water, and air around us.

LEADERSHIP: Rudi Schiebel – Founder & CEO


Bringing Two Worlds Together

If there is one word that could describe Habitat: it’s innovation. The company launched its Cake and Caviar division, their cannabis line, in 2018, with a clear vision of integrating technology and permaculture techniques to develop quality crops.

Blending Agricultural Sectors

It was Rudi Schiebel’s, CEO and founder of Habitat Life, philosophy that was the driving force behind this unique growing operation, bringing together vertical growing and aquaponics to nourish two very different agriculture sectors, Coho salmon and cannabis. The company embraces permaculture methods, using aquaponic beds to both water and fertilize the cannabis, and provide a home for the Coho salmon. The microbes in the water (created by salmon) are then used to fertilize the plant. This eliminates waste while also providing an organic fertilizer to nourish the plants. It is a truly symbiotic relationship. Habitat Life believes in revolutionizing agriculture-taking aspects from two very different agriculture principles (permaculture and technology) to create the ideal foundation for both crops. The company uses cutting-edge technology and techniques to bring out the full genetic potential of the cannabis plant.

Focused on Genetics to Develop Diverse Strains

Habitat Life specializes in genetics, focusing on developing unique cultivars that respond to the needs of their discerning clientele. Cake, the sweeter cultivar, is the result of over 180 diverse strains. Caviar is the savory complement to cake; this cultivar is derived from the lineage of OGKB and Lost Sailor. The initial focus for Habitat Life was on developing quality cultivars and a truly cyclical system. “We love what we grow,” shared Schiebel. “ But how we grow is why we grow.”

Upgrading their Infrastructure

The company is no stranger to indoor growing, their previous venture used HID lights for their operation. However, Schiebel recognized the value of investing in LED lights and decided to convert their lights with the launch of Habitat in 2018. The process began with trialing several varieties including Greenception, Fluence, Illumitex, and Aelius LED.

They were drawn to Aelius for various factors including their product/industry knowledge, sales approach, and financial incentives. However, it was Aelius’ customer service that solidified their decision. “The quality and price point were balanced with the other brands,” said Schiebel, “However, their customer service was among the best we’ve experienced.”

Habitat Life is currently operating the Matrix REDD fixtures, the newest Aelius LED model featuring the Far-Red spectrum. Although no formal data has been collected yet, Schiebel has noticed lower energy bills, a consistent growth rate, and improvement in both the plant quality and production.

Now almost three years later, the company has fine-tuned its process and is focused on growth. The upcoming year includes plans to add a new cannabis wing, completing the commission process for the 2022 cannabis expansion, and increasing the scale of their Coho salmon operation.